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What to you get when you mix mad science, real history, a boy genius and a daring dachshund? Gadgets and Gears, that’s what! Published by Clarion.

Welcome to the Amazing Automated Inn, home of twelve-year-old inventor Wally Kennewickett, his genius scientist parents, and his dashing dog, Noodles. From the lightning harvester on the roof to the labs full of experiments in the dungeon, the inn is a wonderful place for a curious boy and his loyal dog to live.

"Fast paced and funny, with plenty of alliteration and word definitions provided by Noodles, it carries hints of both Lemony Snicket's wordplay and the absurdity of M. T. Anderson's Pals in Peril series. . . . Young, precocious readers and older readers looking for a shorter read will enjoy this first title in the Gadgets and Gears series." —Booklist

“Hamilton makes the comedic most of her premise. . . . Noodles's antics and droll, mannered narration make him the indisputable star of this show." —Publishers Weekly

"Steampunk with training wheels for the chapter book set. . . . Sly humor . . . nifty, gear-laden illustrations . . . [an] imaginative, engaging premise." —Kirkus Reviews

Mesmer Menace Teacher’s Guide

Ire of Iron Claw Teacher’s Guide

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Critical Acclaim for The Goblin Wars Trilogy, publised by Clarion:

"Laced with humor, packed with surprises and driven by suspense, the plot grabs readers from the start using the stylistic tactics of the best fantasy writing. . . . Buy this novel for readers of Franny Billingsley and Dia Calhoun as well as fans of urban fantasy."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Ancient Irish myths and legends mix and mingle with the modern world in this fast-paced fantasy. . . . Hamilton has created characters who are quirky and complex. Their stories are tightly woven together and riveting, and readers will look forward to the next installment in the series".—School Library Journal, starred review

"Hamilton seamlessly blends magic and realism....The searing chemistry between Tea and Finn will have romance fans swooning"—The Bulletin

"Brimming with heroism, violence, romance, and tragedy. . . . This will more than satisfy series fans—it will make them laugh, fill them with wonder, and uplift them in the end."
—Booklist Online

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Red Truck

“With a well-crafted text spiced with sound effects, this appealing picture book is highly recommended for reading aloud to the truck loving crowd. Pair it with perennial favorite, The Little Engine That Could.”—Booklist, Starred Review

“Crisp, rhyming and straightforward text liberally splashed with onomatopoeia describes the truck's valiant efforts, and vibrant, colorful illustrations will draw young listeners in and make them right at home.” — Kirkus Reviews

Yellow Copter

Yellow Copter takes flight in Publisher’s Weekly!

Blue Boat

Blue Boat, a book awash with adventure and nautical fun is set to sail in the spring of 2016!

Police Officers cover
Police Officers on Patrol

What do Police Officers do? Where can they be found? What should you do if you need help? This rollicking picture book answers these questions and more with a reassuring, rhyming text and silly, cheerful illustrations. And by the time it's finished, everyone will know that the situation is under control.

"Decidedly less flat-footed than most introductions to the police, this picture book uses a bit of story to show what officers do and amiable artwork to make them seem more approachable. A nice read-aloud pick for community-helper units. Preschool-Grade 1." —Carolyn Phelan, Booklist

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Caleb Pascal and the Peculiar People

Home. Caleb shivered with happiness at the sound of the word. He had been at Miss Pratt’s orphan asylum his whole life. Now he was going home with rich Mr.Groeger!

But Caleb discovers that he has made a terrible mistake. The only thing bigger than Mr. Groeger's billfold is his mean streak. Caleb knows no one in Cottonwood will help him. He has no hope of ever getting away—until the circus train rolls into town.

“Kids (and adults) who enjoyed the dynamic characters of The Series of Unfortunate Events will also enjoy the motley crew that Kersten Hamilton has assembled in Caleb, Son of None."  J.M. DenOuden

Download the first chapter here.

The Butterfly Book: A Kids Guide to Attracting, Raising, and Keeping Butterflies
John Muir Publications

"Hamilton's wide-format paperback surveys the life stages, body structures, and habits of butterflies. Readers interested in raising butterflies from egg, caterpillar, or chrysalis will find useful information on the safe handling and temporary keeping of butterflies before returning them to the wild....Hamilton warns not to keep butterflies in glass jars, where they can injure their wings. She also shows how to mend a broken wing.... Full of intriguing facts presented in a readable way, this guide will appeal to children studying butterflies in the classroom or the backyard."  Booklist

This book is full of classroom friendly activities, such as building a Caterpillar Corral to protect your garden caterpillars from birds and wasps, constructing a Butterfly Tent Trap to allow students to get close enought to examine butterflies, and how  how to catch a butterfly without harming it!

Firefighters to the Rescue!

"This exciting look at firefighting is steeped in 1950's style and engaging rhyme... The men race through the purple-hued streets of an American small town toward the billowing smoke... Our cities and lives have changed over the decades, but this story makes it clear that firefighting has not. With just the right amount of tension and a large amount of admiration, Hamilton and Davis have created a sure fire hit." —Kirkus Reviews

Teachers Resources

This is the Ocean
Boyds Mills Press

"The (water cycle) is beautifully presented in this rhyming book for young audiences.... Siomades' gorgeous, three-dimensional textured-paper collages enhance the easy poetic handling of the subject. A great crowd pleaser for read-alouds. "   Booklist

Teacher's Guide

Laylie's Daring Quest
Mission City Press

“I loved this book. It is fresh, original, by turns heartbreaking, and then funny…..These charactors are tangible. I feel as though I have, in actuality, met them. What I expected when I purchased this book was a run of the mill run away slave book. What I discovered was a story that gripped my heart, and would not let it go.”

Millie's Unsettled Season
Writing the Millie Keith Series

In 1999 Mission City Press gave me a marvelous opportunity — they asked me to write a series of novels based on characters created by Martha Finley, a Christian writer of the late 1800’s.

I was delighted by the challenge, but I had some research to do before I started writing. What were Christian women like in the mid 1800’s?

I turned to diaries and historical documents to find out. I was happy to find that they were not all prim and proper Victorian Ladies who sat in parlors sipping tea. Some wrote books and challenged injustice. Some went alone to secret, solitary places to talk to God. And some lived lives of world travel and high adventure!

Three of the women I learned about became the real–life models for the new adventures of Millie Keith.

In the 1830’s Sarah and Angelina Grimke, daughters of a Southern judge and plantation owner, laid down their wealthy lifestyle, their social standing and the respect of ‘proper’ society to fight a terrible evil — slavery.

Victorian ladies were not supposed to notice ‘indelicate’ things, such as the way slaves were treated. They were certainly not supposed to speak about them in public! When Sarah and Angelina not only noticed but stood up and spoke against slavery, their lives were threatened.

They were warned not return to the South. They were even thrown out of two Christian denominations for being so bold! Society dictated that ladies should not behave in such a way.

The Grimke sisters disagreed. They disagreed so strongly, in fact, that they became suffragettes as well as abolitionists, fighting for the rights of women to have an education, to speak about social injustice, and to vote.

They were not alone. Thousands of women attended their lectures; tens of thousands read their pamphlets and articles.

Isabella Bird’s travels began in the 1840’s, when she was hardly more than a teenager. Her father, an English pastor, sent his brilliant daughter to the Americas to report on the state of Christianity there. Isabella, a young lady of culture and refinement, traveled alone and loved it. She eventually became a world traveler, who wrote wonderful books.

Books in the Millie Series:

Millie's Unsettled Season
Millie's Courageous Days
Millie's Remarkable Journey
Millie's Faithful Heart
Millie's Steadfast Love
Millie's Grand Adventure
Millie's Reluctant Sacrifice
Millie's Fiery Trial